An Anthology.

The Theory of Duty. 

The Clinical Gaze.

A Priori. 

Becoming Minority.

Statements made by these great men of philosophy are all somehow “true” and known to be more true than anything — yet.

These theories all come from men who had disparaging things to say about women and minorities.

Becoming: An Ontology 

is an anthology for artists, poets, non-fiction writers, creative nonfiction writers, theorists and fiction writers of all shapes and forms who want to tackle heady questions of philosophy and male domination in any and all human institutions.

Guidelines for this digital anthology are fairly vague but should conform to the following:

Becoming will be published as the primary function of Human Decency is Key and will pay market value at $25 to $50 per accepted piece.

Please limit this to suites of 5 photos, three poems, three pieces of flash fiction or two articles/short stories/creative non-fiction pieces to be submitted to: at

Guidelines for specific pieces of interactive work can be determined at discretion.

Any indications on size and length will be at editorial team discretion, but we’d prefer to read nothing over 20 pages.

Options for print publication will be explored and authors will be contacted at acceptance for continued participation in project.

The digital version of this project will be available as of:


after submissions close on


Featuring work by:

Gerard Senat

Robert Okaji

Catherine B. Krause

DC Diamondopolous

Joseph Tomaras

And Anticipating work from Danielle Georgiou.

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