Igxante: An Ontology

On Samsara’s wheel in the world of infinite genders,
alone or not, each of us seeks comfort and community
this first Sunday morning since last Tuesday’s election.
It’s SRO, neither a folding chair nor square inch of ground
to accommodate another round cushion on the now rainbow
colored floormats. After silent meditation, a spectrum of dark faces
looks toward our dharma teacher who starts, “Everybody’s welcome here.
Today these doors open to a Donald Trump supporter ambushed near the center.
She’s kindly volunteered to organize the last Sabbath of the month sanghai potluck
which falls on Christmas this year.” I try to sit with The Awakened One’s confident
posture: upright neither in retreat nor leaning in too far, eyes half-closed to be within
yet outwardly present during profound times for sentient beings, no where else to turn

— Gerard Senat

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