Exciting Developments:

It has been a busy few months as I have prepared to take on the projects that got mired last summer as . . . people attempted to will things that just weren’t going to happen, ever.

Church of the Elohist Thelema, an organization dedicated to spreading the missive about pre-Augustinian Christian ideas and their easy reconciliation to universalist religion, was recently in Austin, TX to lobby, and DC for an important Planned Parenthood meeting regarding the Supreme Court and Reproductive Healthcare and is soon to be in Boston for equal exchange talks. We currently meet in the Dallas area to discuss the finer points of Hellenistic Jewish theology before Constantine. Please message for a good address to drop by before we find our church home.

We also were recently on Avert Your Eyes Podcast, and it was a LOT OF fun. Michael is truly a treat to have conversations with.

We are planning our second literary anthology, Coercion’s End, to document a growing world-wide movement ready to shut down human trafficking, and advocate for the children who have experienced its worst effects. We hope to consider your most thoughtful submissions. You can preorder it here.

Igxante: An Ontology will be available soon as well, and I do hope you’ll take a moment to read the amazing work that the writers put forth on it.