Amphibian Stage’s production of White Rabbit Red Rabbit is never the same experience twice.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the White Rabbit Red Rabbit experience is that it’s never the same show twice. The delivery of Nassim Soleiampour’s “experiment” written during the period he was prohibited to travel outside of Iran depends entirely on the actor invited to the stage for each engagement.

One could observe them all and each observation would be much different. It’s as much about the possibility of permutation as it is about uncovering specific aspects of humanity.

In her Thursday night performance, everything Sarah Clarke brought to the stage was her own, and in some aspects, it was quite beautiful.

The most we can say about all of it is that Sarah’s ostrich/cheetah hybrid performance was phenomenal, and her delivery of a challenging script was as playful as it was entertaining, and was a distinct, but not unwelcome change in mood from Xander Berkeley’s  more serious Wednesday night performance.

Her choice in how to navigate the two glasses on the signature table was also interesting — and showed great trust in the process, as she held them in her lap expectantly.

I look forward to seeing more of Sarah in The Maestro and Short Straw, and hope to have the chance to engage with her again someday in the future, as she takes on ever more challenging work.

Amphibian Stage Productions’ run has three more engagements of this wildly absurdist peek into a space that explores the thoughts of a playwright struggling with his culture and a desire to see more of the world than he could reach.

Liz Casanova, actress and film journalist extraordinaire lent an excellent performance of the “White Rabbit” in this rendition of White Rabbit Red Rabbit. Check out her Cafe Con Cine film journalism project here:

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