I’m not really understanding what the big deal is between Sonalytic and Spotify.

Especially if they’re not going to pay artists enough.

It’s industry standard, but not doing what I want by the way of artists, in terms of prospering them. That’s a real problem.

So Spotify. It’s fun. I’ve enjoyed it despite its problems generating income for artists.

I generally pay for it, but I think I am going to just stop, and spend the amount on purchasing content directly from a local artist every month. And I say this even though it just took on Sonalytic — a four-person (or fewer) company that made the technology for DJs to upload their own mixes quite possible for the platform that has been dubious at best to get sufficient income to established artists.

So does this innovation have a lot of potential? Unless they fix the pay structure, I don’t really think so.

Not as much as each individual contributor makes to Soundcloud, or a band of quality, established DJs looking to make good on their mixes of content.

I am still truly waiting for the kind of revolution that brings artists and writers their fair share of the income quality content created without executives should provide an author.

I’m still loving Conduit, the same way I love local radio, local bands, local food, and personal relationships that are neither long-distance nor exploitative because of a power imbalance.

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